Percussion Workshop 30 player pack



The Percussion Workshop 30 player pack consists of handheld and tuned instruments for up to 30 players. These instruments are fun, inclusive, brightly coloured and all will provide a fun musical activity for any classroom or music group. This Percussion Workshop 30 player pack is ideal for keystages 1 and 2 and comes housed in a smart and sturdy box for storage after use and easy transport. This Percussion Workshop 30 player pack includes: Coloured chime bar set with beaters 2 x Claves pair 1 x Tambour 6" - natural with goatskin 1 x Claves piccolo pair - 14cm length 1 x Guiro - tricolour fish guiro 1 x Wood shaker guiro with scraper 1x T shaped wood block with beater 1 x Castanet with handle 1 x Triangle - small 1 x Triangle - large 1 x Cowbell beater - single 1 x Maracas - 7.5'' wood pair 3 x Individual plastic Kazoo 5 x Plastic beaters - pair 1 x Tambourine Half Moon 1 x Maracas orange plastic large pair 2 x Castanets - transparent sparkle 1 x Cowbell - 6" 4 x Egg shakers 1 x KB10 chime bars 1 x Jingle Stick Please note: The pack contents may vary.

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