Pastel Ready Mix 6x 600ml Pack



Great value ready-mix paint from Brian Clegg, ideal for primary and secondary schools.600ml of each colour: Peach, Lavender, Cornflower, Carnation Pink, Peppermint, Primrose This Brian Clegg Pastel Ready Mix has a rich, high-saturation colour and a smooth cream consistency making it a pleasure to use. The packaging is super-clear allowing the vibrancy of the colour to shine through, and the flip-top cap is easy for little fingers and helps avoid spillages.This Brian Clegg Pastel Ready Mix can be diluted with water, or mixed with PVA to achieve a thicker and glossier finish, which also means it can be used on non-porous surfaces. Easy to work withGood opacitySafe for childrenWheat and gluten free

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