Parachute Games 6 metre



Parachute play is a novel and fun way of encouraging new skills and development. This 6 Metre Parachute is colourful and sometimes calming, it can create soft, whispering sounds, or loud rippling noises, depending on how quickly it is moved. Working together encourages co-operation, trust, communication and social skills. Parachute Games also encourage movement of muscles in the upper body. Games can involve touching the soft parachute fabric, moving or lying beneath or over it, and watching it rise and fall, and for extra enjoyment balls can be added. A wide variety of different games can be played, Bean bags and balls can be bounced up and down on the parachute, children learn to co-operate in order to keep the bean bags or balls on the parachute or bouncing them off! There are strong sewn in handles along the edge, one handle per child and also a 6mm round cord sewn around the edge of the whole parachute which gives an excellent grip for an alternative method of holding the parachute - and squeezing extra children around if needed. This is a top quality product unlike some cheaper versions on the market. All our play parachutes are made from a strong yet light nylon material which is tough, non-rip and fire proof. The same type of materials are used for real parachutes hence the quality. Free carry bag included for easy storage and transportation. 12 Handles Pattern may vary

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