Padded Surround Protector for Floor Standing Bubble Wall



A great addition to your Bubble Wall! Let the children get up close and personal to the mesmerising LED water feature with this comfortable Padded Surround, made in the EU from high quality foam and vinyl.

The Padded Surround protects the children from any sharp bits and technical bits, which allows them to get closer to the Bubble Wall. Enhance the children's sensory play experience and keep their environment safe!


  • Padded Surround for Bubble Wall
  • High quality, cushioned material
  • Protects children from any sharp or technical bits
  • Allows children to get up close and personal to the water feature


  • Designed for use with the Floor Standing Bubble Wall (GH481)
  • Size: 50 x 33 x 26cm
  • Material: High quality foam and vinyl
  • Made in the EU

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