Outdoor Mark Making Chalkboard Daisies 5pk



Bright, attractive and weather resistant these delightful chalkboard Daisies will extend your outdoor classroom and add an eye-catching splash of colour. Make good use of dull playground fencing or walls and transform them into fun, exciting and inspiring areas for young children to explore outdoor drawing and mark making. 

A truly open ended resource. 

Why not use the Daisies to:

  • Create themed/zoned/roleplay areas
  • Explore Maths or Literacy outdoors
  • Create signs around your outdoor area
  • Create signs inside around the school building
  • Write menus for 'little chef's' whilst they're doing a spot of 'alfresco' cooking
  • Write important notices for the day to parents - they can't miss them if they are on a brightly coloured daisy!
Made from sturdy plastic, the centre of the flower has a special 'chalkboard' finish though all of the flower could be used. 

Attach to fencing at the required height through the pre-punched holes using cable ties supplied or mount on playground walls. 

Simply wipe clean at the end of each creative day.

H1200 x W825mm
Pack Qty
set of 5

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