OPTI Aura Sensory Projector



The OPTI Aura Sensory Projector is designed and manufactured here in the UK by a leading sensory lights and effects company that started in the 1960s.This OPTI Aura Sensory Projector uses the first ever effect that they produced using a 6" liquid wheel that produces a projected effect of constantly moving and mixing globules of coloured light,The OPTI Aura Sensory Projector has a sensory effect which is mesmerising and so relaxing to watch.The OPTI Aura Sensory Projector is suitable for all, whether as a home projector to create hypnotic and cool effects for parties, as a soothing light for spas and therapists, or as a great cost effective light for a home snoezelen or sensory room.The OPTI Aura Sensory Projector can project a moving image of any size but it is recommended that the maximum image projected is 4m in diameter.For best results use the OPTI Aura Sensory Projector in a dark room projected onto a light coloured surface.The OPTI Aura Sensory Projector has a simple 'plug and play' operation and can be turned on and off, dimmed, and set to 30 minute timer mode from the unit itself, making it a fantastic night light too. TThe OPTI Aura Sensory Projector can be configured to be part of your home network using the Auras own built-in Wi-Fi hotspot which only needs to be done once and then can be controlled using a free App available on iOS and Android platforms.Using the App to control the OPTI Aura Sensory ProjectorTo turn the OPTI Aura Sensory Projectoron, move the slider to the right towards full brightness, to turn off, move the slider to the left. The timer settings can be changed via the app with the option of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute shutdown, ideal for those who want to automatically cut off the Aura Sensory projector after a certain time unsupervised.LED sensory projectorWI-FI connectivityDimmer functionTimer: 30 minutes (can be changed to 15mins, 45mins or 60 mins with app)1 x effect wheel (effect wheel colours may vary and cannot be specified)1 table stand1 wall mount (fixtures and fittings included)Power rating: 6WOperating voltage: 9V ACProduct size: 20 x 20 x 20cmProduct weight: 889g

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