Mystical Lantern



Guide your way and illuminate the darkness with magic! Is it lit by fireflies, fairies or magical spells? The beauty of the Mystical Lantern is that it's up to you! A magical antique lantern, the Mystical Lantern illuminates gently with twinkling light. The stuff of fantasies, it's said that the Mystical Lantern is lit by magical spells, or is that fairies? Or fireflies? Or even trapped spirits! The beauty of the Mystical Lantern is just that, it's a magical mystery! Mystical fantasy lantern Contains white and yellow LED's for a soft glow Magical effects Requires 3x AAA batteries; batteries included and ready to go! Seasonal fun for Halloween, Christmas or as a summer lantern Battery lasts 36+ hours!! A fun guide or night light Size: 14cm x 10cm Suitable for ages 3yrs +

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