Move and Sit Seat Wedge



The Movin’ Sit Jr Wedge is designed for children and works perfectly for chairs in a classroom or even a dinning table, or just for those moments of quite time on the floor. The Move and Sit Seat Wedge simulates the effect of motion of a therapy ball on a chair making this a unique sensory idea. The Move and Sit Seat Wedge stimulates correct anatomical seating and combines sitting on a ball & wedge in one seat. It features a comfortable bumpy surface and the air is circulated under the buttocks for acupressure. The Move and Sit Seat Wedge can be mouth inflated and includes a built-in handle. The Move and Sit Seat Wedge is a great option for those with poor posture or for children whom struggle to sit still in one place. Please adjust the inflation according to the child's comfort and stability level. Recommended weight: max. 45 kg – 100 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 200 kg Ideal for those with ADHD or sensory Processing disorders Adds an element of instability requiring active participation from the user Helps build core strength, promotes proper alignment and improves posture Made of virtually indestructible latex-free PVC vinyl

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