Mini Muffin Match Up Maths Activity Set



Encourage early math's skills at home with this engaging Mini Muffin Match Up Maths Activity Set. The Mini Muffin Match Up Math's Activity Set provides a variety of games to help reinforce early years math's skills Choose from a selection of sorting activity inserts that fit into the bottom of each pan Pan inserts cover activities to help encourage: Colour recognition Matching Sorting Counting Children develop fine motor skills as they use Squeezy Tweezers to pick up the muffin counters Attractive maths activity set includes: 60 Mini Muffin Counters in six colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple) 12 double-sided sorting inserts One 6-Cup Muffin Tray One pair of Squeezy Tweezers One colour foam dice One number foam dice Activity Guide Muffin tray measures 25cm L x 14cm H Dice allow for game play within a group of children

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