Mini Bilibo set of 6



The multi-award winning Bilibo is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and versatile open-ended toys. The Mini Bilibo shells are perfect for nesting and stacking, sorting colours and great fun when playing in the bath tub or out in the snow. The brightly coloured Mini Bilibo cups in food-grade, recyclable plastic also double as cool containers for candy and other goodies at your kids´ next party! No rules, no instructions it is quite simply whatever the child wants it to be. The pack includes: x 6 Bilibo Minis, each a seperate colour which interlock together. A troop of tempting Bilibos - gathered for action. It runs in the family. Just like big sibling Bilibo, five-inch Mini Bilibos are in cahoots with the imagination of kids. There's only one thing that's as dazzling as the color of six Bilibo Minis - their amazing versatility. When there are no instructions, natural curiosity sets the course. Beetles drive all around the floor. Rocking boats sail on bubble-covered waters. Sand spills from Bilibo’s eye sockets. Caves cover hidden objects. Drums tap out catchy rhythms. Garages protect little matchbox cars. Dolls sway in custom cradles. Plastic animals rest on rocks. Spherical creatures smile contentedly. Snowballs are perfectly perfect. Busy feet, hands, and heads hold Bilibos in balance. Balls are lofted and caught, lofted and caught. Spins look absolutely gorgeous. Hills stretch upward to new heights. Filled with water, sand, snow, rice, dried beans - Bilibos mesmerize. Their curves, slick outer shells, and versatile interior spaces make them poster toys for indispensable fun. Someday, you’ll remember wistfully the endless play with these Bilibos Approximate Product Dimension: (W ) 13 cm x (L) 13 cm x (H) 12.8 cm.

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