Matching Pairs My Friends and Family



Improve memory skills while playing this game of recognition by matching pairs.The Matching Pairs My Friends and Family set contains a series of photos depicting a variety of people in different settings across a large cross section of society including ethnic groups, genders and age ranges. The Matching Pairs My Friends and Family are blank on one side and simply flip over the discs and find the matching pairs. 56 bright, sturdy cards measuring 8cm in diameter. Use to stimulate conversation about the diversity of the images.Family and friends are vital to our sense of belonging. Children will enjoy this game of simple matching and recollection games.Students can have fun in so many different ways. They can pull items from the calico bag and match with items they have. Or they can play the traditional game where the pieces are all turned wood side up. Then they have to turn two pieces to try and match a pair.Children can learn about different family members, discuss topics of how many they have in their family, and also recognise different cultures.Cylinder includes 56 generously sized circular cards (8cm diameter). Ages 3+ years

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