Little Acorns Children's 4 in 1 Easel



The Little Acorns Children's 4 in 1 Easel is a double-sided easel with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic dry wipe board. The Little Acorns Children's 4 in 1 Easel comes with a paper clip, 5 pieces of chalk, 26 magnetic letters, dry wipe pens, cleaning sponge and 4 paint pots with lids Furthermore, easels can enhance your child’s development. For example, by holding pens or chalk it can help develop your child’s fine motor skills. This can also help their gross motor skills through upper arm movements. In addition, it can enhance their cognitive skills as they can learn the alphabet by using the magnetic letters. This easel can fold down flat and put either under their bed or in a cupboard. Made from durable materials but it is lightweight, so you can easily move the easel from room to room. As a result, this easel can be used inside and outside, we do suggest not leaving the easel outside. This easel only needs part assembly and comes with quick and easy instructions.

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