Light up Glitter Squishy Mesh Ball



A rubber-like gel-filled ball that's surrounded by a soft net mesh. It may look like our classic Squishy Mesh Ball, but this squeezy novelty offers something slightly different.Give the Light up Glitter Squishy Mesh Ball a squeeze and it will bulge through the netting, causing a series of squishy balls to appear that have a glittery colour to them.Not only that, but give it a knock and the inside will light up with colourful flashing lights.The Light up Glitter Squishy Mesh Ball is available in pink, green and blue colours. Colour will be picked at random.Gel-filled squeezy ballBulges with glittery coloursLights up and flashesAddictive squishy toyPerfect stress ball alternativeBatteries included7cm

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