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With Brightworks Design and Drill you can see your designs light up in the dark! It’s so simple to use - just screw in different translucent, coloured bolts into a board of holes using the electric toy drill and they will automatically light up. Create one of your own designs or follow one of the 12 patterns in the full-colour guide, including a television, a boat and a jet plane! The coloured, translucent bolts light up as they are fitted onto the board and the black bolts can be used to create dark spaces in any pattern. Two different drill bits (a socket bit and flat tip bit) fit into or over the heads of the bolts. Brightworks Design and Drill encourages young learners to develop a variety of important skills, from colour-recognition and counting, to hand-eye coordination and following instructions. Contents: 80 bolts Light-Up activity board Power drill Full-colour guide with 12 design patterns Two drill bits Age 3+ Requires 3 AA and 3 AAA batteries, supplied separately

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