Large Wooden Noahs Ark Play Set with 50 Animals



Help the animals go in two by two on this colourful and cute Large Wooden Noahs Ark Play Set. Noah knows an enormous flood is coming, so he's built a big ark to save two of each animal. Make sure Noah and his wife are safe on board before calling all the animals to join them. With crocodiles, camels, lions, zebras, giraffes and elephants you can have great fun making plenty of animal sounds, roaring, snapping and trumpeting along the way. Can you tell which animal makes which noise? The Large Wooden Noahs Ark Play Set is great for encouraging children to start talking and learning different animal sounds and names, the wooden ark set inspires plenty of imaginative play and acting out the story of Noah's Ark. Give Noah and his wife their own voices and personalities, and let small hands grasp and move the figures and boat around- this will help strengthen little fingers and help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. • Ideal to encourage both group and individual play this Noah’s Ark comes with Noah, his wife and 25 pairs of chunky wild and farm animals. • Store the hand painted animals inside the ark. • Made from tropical hardwood.

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