Large Textured Tangle



Play with the toy that started it all: the original Tangle with Texture! This large sized Textured Tangle toy is multi coloured and multi textured: great for sensory play. Children love watching the smooth, fluid motion of the articulated pieces as they manipulate the Large Textured Tangle.

Each segment of the Large Textured Tangle is brightly coloured and features a unique, highly tactile surface to feel.
The wide range of sensations is great for holding interest and providing sensory input.
Users will love to feel the textures on their fingers as they bend, twist, and manipulate this fun sensory toy!

The large size of this Large Textured Tangle allows older students an engaging two handed activity. However, the large size works just fine for younger children as well. With 18 interconnected 2.5 inch pieces, it's great for developing fine motor and dexterity skill! It also makes for a fun, relaxing fidget to help users calm down.


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