Large Plasma Ball



Like something from Doctor Frankensteins lab, this Large Plasma Ball lighting effect puts the power of lightning at your fingertips.
Move your fingers along the outside of the Plasma ball and watch as the lightning streaks react to your touch and move inside the Plasma ball.
As fun as the plasma ball is to play with, it is also makes a great visual effect in your home or bedroom.

Simply connect the 12V 1A power supply to the plasma ball and connect it into the mains wall socket. Flick a switch, and its alive

  • The Large Plasma Ball offers 360° viewing
  • The Large Plasma Ball is interactive and dramatic light show
  • The Large Plasma Ball has a sound reactive mode
  • The Large Plasma Ball comes complete with A/C power adaptor
  • Amazing light show from any angle
  • Control bolts of light with your fingertips!

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