Large foam lights



 These foam lights are hand held foam lights that will have the kids loving them.
With a variety of colours and flashing patterns these Large foam lights are soft and bendy and the lighting on these are amazing in a darkened room.
Extremely lightweight, flexible and soft making the Large foam lights the perfect sensory toy.
The soft design of the foam light prevents anyone being hurt if hit with this - much to your approval
It is very flexible and can be bent.
A simple slide On/Off switch at the base activates the multi-coloured,  multi-sequenced lights, along the length of the baton.

Requires 3 button batteries, which are replaceable. Batteries are included.
A fun and safe multi-sensory resource for children with special needs, including Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and sensory difficulties to experience

These lights are an amazing 2 foot long and bend around so are flexible and fun!

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