Ladybird Flower Bed Planter



Protect your garden against insects and extreme weather (for example frost) with this enticingly designed Ladybird Flower Bed Planter.The Ladybird Flower Bed Planter is great for growing tender plants and vegetables. Acrylic safety glass viewing windows. The internal base of this unit is a wood plastic composite – meaning it will not rot or decay – so children can water plants and flowers as often they need.Tend to your plants by carefully using the hook and eye to prop open the winged doors. Requires adult supervision. Raised posts allows for air circulation and prevents finger entrapment.Manufactured from the finest durable pinewood which has natural patterns and grains for great aesthetic appeal. Our pinewood is pre- treated to provide maximum resistance against rot and decay. Lid is made from a super strong and durable high pressure laminated board.

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