KS1 Classic Bean Bag 3 Pack - Orange



Create a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom to take children away from the high energy and stress levels to a place for relaxation. This quiet time will make a positive impact on children’s mental health and well being. Soft bean bag seating can be highly beneficial both in classroom and outdoor learning environments. Idea...Use with low level tables for casual and relaxed learning. The millions of beans inside this comfy bean bag chair will mould to the child’s shape providing all round support perfect for encouraging children to sit still. Our kid-friendly fabric is strong, durable, water resistant, UV resistant, wipe clean and machine washable. To ensure little fingers cannot access the bead inside, the bean bag features two safety zips yet is easily refillable with our easYfill system. Approx Dimensions (flat unfilled bag and will differ when filled) : D65cm x H85cm Approx Floor Space Required : L70cm x W70cm Approx Capacity : 5.5 cu ft *Sizes are approximates and may vary

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