Koodle Cuddle Cushions - Koodle Cuddle Cat



Give somebody the best cuddle in the world wherever their adventures take them with these adorable Koodles cuddle cushions.The Koodle Cuddle Cushions are full of character and a heavenly softness, they will make anyone, young or old, feel warm and loved instantly. Choose from four cute characters who will make any household that little bit warmer inside: Pepper Cat, Daizy Dog, Larus Lion Cub or Una Unicorn. Each are gorgeous in their own way with plush, velvet fur and a belly full of soft stuffing that makes a comfortable cushion to sleep on or cuddle during naps and play time. Each cushion is the perfect travel companion and even comes with a travel bag for ultimate mobility. Make your little one's day more magical with these cuddle cushions... Once they've gotten hold of them, they won't let go! The same goes for adults too…

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