Key Stage One Music Set



A complete Key Stage One Music Set for musical education! A complete classroom music pack containing percussion instruments packed in a robust storage tub making this classroom music set perfect for music on the go at school Typically includes 1 x Glockenspiel, 2 x Cymbals, 3 x Castanet on Handles, 4 x Castanets, 1 x Wood Block, 1 x Tone Block with Mallet, 2 x Jingle Bells, 2 x Sleigh Bells, 2 x Bendy Bells, 1 x 5” Triangle, 1 x 7” Triangle, 4 x Maracitos, 2 x Maraca, 2 x Shaped Shakers, 1 x Easy-Grip Tambourine, 1 x Tambourine with Skin, 1 x Hand Drum – Supplied in a Gratnell Storage Tray with lid.

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