Jack in the box



Jester themed Jack in a Box - A charming toy for all ages and just the perfect traditional tin toy.

The Jester themed Jack in a box is a classic toy every family benefits in having. Turn the handle to create lilting music and when the tune finishes, a pleasantly smiling Jester pops out.

What then? Babies laugh with delighted surprise, toddlers want to take over turning the handle, older children come close for a better look and adults smile remembering the days they played with their own cherished Jack in the Box.
  • This Jester Jack in the box version is excellent.
  • Made with remarkable attention to the details, youll appreciate the sturdy tin box with glossy, vibrant colors, the pleasantly sweet rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel which plays as the handle turns, the soft, darling little Jester that pops up and surprises everyone yourself included.
  • Just like an old fashioned music box, the melody sounds like lovely chimes. 

A perfectly classy gift. A positively entertaining toy. Add a classic Jack in the Box toy to the family & it's sure to become a cherished possession.

Schylling Jester in a Box
  • A Classic Jack in the Box
  • Enhances disposition, cause/effect recognition, fine motor skills
  • Children quickly learn to turn the crank
  • Sweet chiming music Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Soft, adorable jester puppet pops up as song completes. Simple delight!
  • Mechanics of music box are sound
  • Excellent high quality construction
  • Precision painted finish
  • The top closes easily and securely after the song finishes
  • Be forewarned: Every grown up around will want a turn too
  • Dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches

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