Hopscotch Carpet Outdoor



The Hopscotch carpet is a brightly coloured 3m x 1m play mat. Great for use as a fun or learning activity, the hopscotch carpet also serves well as functional/decorative floor carpet.These large play and learn carpet mats are high quality and heavy duty tufted pile, soft texture rugs. The hopscotch play rug features a non-slip back.Carpets have a stain-resistant coating and are washable, featuring distinctive and brightly coloured, classroom relevant, designs. Bound edges to prevent fraying.The Hopscotch carpet...a fun and educational playmat. Hopscotch Carpet SpecificationsSize: W 3000 x D 1000mm.A safe anti-slip backing.Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying.High quality pile with a soft textured finish.Distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs.Designed to encourage learning through interaction an play.Meets all relevant safety standards.

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