Head massager



The Head Massager is the ultimate calming and relaxing experience.
Discover new sensations of well-being with this hair massage device! It helps eliminate migraines and headaches, relaxes muscles and provides instant relaxation. Lightweight and easy to handle.
The Head Massager is the classic hand-held massage aid.
Head Massagers are easy to use and very effective.
You dont need to be a trained masseuse to perform the most deliciously sensational head massage.
This fantastic head massager hits the spot with almost no effort from you at all.
Use on your own head or simply pass the Head Massager to somebody else and allow them to perform a delightful massage on your head.
Sit back and relax as the 12 finger arms work there magic around your scalp and neck.
Sit back and relax as the head massager relieves the stress and tension's of the day.
Head massage is a very useful resource for those suffering from head aches and migraine and for those with sleep problems.
All you need to do is slowly push the massager down over your head and then raise it again.
Each time you do this the metal flexible fingers massage your scalp, sending a sensual feeling across your head, down your spine and throughout your body and putting you in a very near Hypnotic trance.

The sensation is even better if you can get someone to do it for you!

Perfect for parents after a long day

Measures 15cm x 10cm

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