Hang-It Floor Cushion 3 Pack - Grey



Hang-It floor cushions are fun, colourful and practical. Great for children from early years right up-to Key stage 2. This lightweight, transportable soft seating can be highly beneficial both in the classroom and outdoor learning environments. The lightweight cushions feature a carry handle giving children the independence to take them wherever they choose and is ideal for hanging the cushions up when not in use. Create an relaxed area for children to enjoy reading or socializing with their friends - encouraging positive social interaction amongst classmates. Strong, durable, water resistant, UV resistant, wipe clean and machine washable. Our bean bags are made from high-quality fabrics, triple stitched with bonded nylon, filled with ample amount of bead and made in-house...by us. Approx Dimensions (flat unfilled bag and will differ when filled) : D70cm Approx Floor Space Required : D75cm Approx Capacity : 1.5 cu ft *Sizes are approximates and may vary

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