Halilit Large Music Box



Bright colours and super sounds make this Halilit Large Music Box a perfect introduction to early year's music making, whilst also encouraging creativity. Comes in a sturdy plastic box with lid. The Halilit Large Music Box contains musical toys which are the perfect introduction to the sensory world of early year’s music-making and they also help to develop creativity, motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and teaches cause and effect. The Halilit Large Music Box contains high quality and safe musical instrument toys are used in pre-schools, baby groups and nurseries across the country, ensuring you're choosing a highly trusted and respected brand. Halilit Large Music Box Suitable from 36 months+ Colours may vary. The Halilit Large Music Box contains: 4 x Castanets 1 x Wood Block 1 x Tone Block with Mallet 2 x Cymbals 2 x Jingle Bells 2 x Animal Jingle Bells 2 x Bendy Bells 1 x Triangle 5" 4 x Maracito 1 x Maracas 2 x Shaped Shakers 1 x Tambourine 1 x 6" Tambourine 3 x Clip Clap 1 x Hand Drum 1 x Triangle 7" 1 x Xylophone

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