Gowi Toys Water Pump



Make bath time fun with this simple Gowi Toys Water Pump. Fill the Gowi Toys Water Pump with water, pump the handle & watch the water flow out of the spout! Any child will love watching the water flow through the Gowi Water Pump. With its clear plastic design, children can make a hole in the sand and then by digging deep they can use this to easily extract the water out. Then children can grab a bucket and put the water into it they just gathered from the sand. This can also be used to pump water from one container to another in a small science lesson. Children will have hours of fun by pumping the handle and extracting the water from the sand and watching it go up the unit and out the spout. A great toy to help children with their gross motor skills and they can have fun while doing it. These are made in a solid plastic design and are easy for children to use with a simple push down of the handle. Each of the units easily extract the water and they are also easy to clean when they are finished being used. The clear design allows the user to easily see the liquid flowing up the chamber and out the spout. A great way to teach children about the basics of suction. Age 3+ years. Gowi Toys are manufactured to strict safety standards using bright, bold colours and encourage early childhood development. Pump measures 300(H) x 140(W) x 60(L) mm.

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