Gonge Mini Top Pastel



The Gonge Mini Top Pastel was developed with particular focus on the motor-skill development of children ages1-4. Develop balance and motor skills with this fun Gonge Mini Top Pastel. The safe and simple design of the Gonge Mini Top is ideal for babies and toddlers. The Gonge Mini Top is made from durable, lightweight and easy clean plastic. The Gonge Mini Top invites young children to teeter, swing and spin around – at first with the help of an adult and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important for a child’s early development, sense of balance (the vestibular system) and motor control. The shape of the Gonge Mini Top makes it safe for young children; it is sized (circumference 680mm, height 260mm) to be big enough, but not too big for young children. The geometric shape ensures that the tilting motion gradually slows down and prevents the child from tipping over at the same time. The Gonge Mini Top has been carefully designed to make sure that both the child’s head and fingers are protected during play. Simple, functional design.

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