Glow straws Pack of 6



The glow straws are an excellent sensory resource.
Children love to blow and such or sip on the glow in the dark straw's and as they do the the colour climbs the straw whilst glowing in a very high intensity colour.

As the child sucks on the straw the straws give off a fantastic clicking noise when the colours reach the top and bottom of the straw.

The coloured glow in the dark straws look great in a darkened room and last for 6 hours on each straw

High quality and deigned from a clear plastic which are washable and can be used over and over again even once the glow in the dark effect has finished.

Once the glow in the dark effect has finished the colour remains in the tube making them a fun sensory product.

The glow in the dark straws can be used in breathing therapy exercises such as blowing into the straw to blow a ball around a table.

A fantastic way to introduce oral exercises.

Unlike our sensory rivals who provide 2 straws for 75 pence we provide 6 straws for £1.49

These are 100% safe and non toxic unlike some cheaper brands

6 straws provided per pack

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