Glow Ripple UV Mat



The Glow Ripple UV Mat glows intensely under UV light for great visual stimulation, it creates a jewel like stained glass effect if hung at a window and the woven structure offers great tactile interest.The Glow Ripple UV Mat is a soft and cosy tactile play mat made with soft material and wadded for comfort, this Glow Ripple UV Mat is black and detailed with fluorescent ribbon in pink, green, orange and yellow for a striking contrast and better still, the ribbon fluoresces brightly under UV black light! Measuring 1m x 1m, this soft touch sensory mat is ideal for use in sensory environments encouraging touch and visual stimulation. UV reactive play matSoft material and wadded for comfortHighly fluorescent ribbon in pink, green, orange and yellowFluoresces brightly under UV black light1m x 1m

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