Glow in the Dark Stress Ball



Fidgeting hands will love this tactile, challenging, puzzle ball. The goal is similar to that of a Rubik's Cube, where the user completes the puzzle by matching colour with colour. To play, rearrange the coloured balls by pressing them down into the foam-filled center of the ball and sliding them into coloured-holes.Then solve it by maneuvering the balls back to their matching holes! Keep things easy by moving each ball over one or two holes, or harder by mixing the balls up more thoroughly. However the user chooses to play, this puzzle is an excellent way to keep young minds active, sharpen problem-solving skills, exercise short-term memory, and pattern recognition—which ultimately boosts confidenceColour-moving puzzle ballSlide the coloured balls back into their matching holesFoam inside the ball makes it easy to slide the coloured balls aroundFun and addictiveKeep young minds active and sharpen problem-solving skills!

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