Glow in the dark sensory ball



Full of sensory delight, this soft-textured, easy-grip, easy-to catch Glow in the dark sensory ball is a perfect first ball for little ones. Babies and Children will appreciate the nubby texture of the Sensory Ball, promoting the development of fine and gross motor skills. Massage the child's back and feet to create a soothing sensation or develop hand-eye coordination by playing catch!
This translucent, glow in the dark 18cm diameter ball is supplied fully inflated but can be re-inflated via a built-in valve if required. Latex-free & BPA-free. Colours vary. Suitable from 6 months +

The 7" glow in the dark sensory ball glows in the dark and is wonderful for sensory development.

  • Glow in the dark sensory ball absorbs white light to glow in the dark
  • Glow in the dark sensory ball is covered in lots of soft nodules, giving it a fun and unusual texture and making it easy to grasp
  • ideal for move the ball over skin for relaxing stimulation and body massage
  • enhances gross motor and tactile skills and is ideal for encouraging eye/hand co-ordination, ball handling and crawling in younger children
  • suitable for children aged six months and over

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