Both fun and functional, these glow in the dark gloves are great for dark rooms or sensory rooms, but are also intended for sign-language users to use at night.
Using the latest photo-luminescent materials the Glow gloves charge up from the sun or any bright light source, so they can be used again and again the Glow gloves just keep on glowing for up to two hours per charge!

The Glow in the dark gloves were originally designed to solve the issues that sign-language users had communicating in the dark, but they definitely have some fun applications too.
The Glow gloves glow continuously under UV light.
The glow gloves are excellent for communication, signing, drama, expression and a multitude of situations which require focus on the hands, digits or feet.

You wont be able to resist expressing yourself! Our collection feel great to wear, enhancing the focus on the hands, fingers and feet. A

Wear for deep pressure input and sensory experience.

Made from comfortable, stretchy, flexible fabric.
They generate no heat and are machine-washable for easy care.

One size fits all


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