Glo Board Follow My Word



A fantastic product to introduce the skills required to hold a torch for hand/eye coordination and encourage fine motor activities.Spend time following the patterns of this Glo board with a UV torch.The reverse side of the board has a dry wipe surface for extra versatility.The Glo Board Follow My Word gives an instant visual identifier in darkness and recharges by exposure to the sun and ambient light. The Glo material is a safe non-toxic material which is CPSIA and REACH compliant. The Glo Board Follow My Word is a unique way to encourage children to write and draw using a UV torch to fast charge the ribbon.A versatile board for developing children’s early hand writing skills using the UV pen and is perfect for activities such as copying their name and simple words. This type of repetition is a useful way to reinforce vocabulary and simple spellings. The glow in the dark element gives a unique and novel approach that engages children and captures their attention.The sensory nature of this product makes it an ideal resource for children with special educational needs and is particularly accessible across a wide range of ages and abilities.Recognise and write simple words.Develops hand-eye co-ordination and tripod/pencil grip.Visual and sensory stimulation.UV Glo pen included.EYFS & Key stage 1.

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