Giant Polydron XL Set 1



With the 12 piece Giant Polydron XL Set 1 you can build castles; princess's towers; cars; boats, and houses with tunnels to crawl through! Children will be able to build large constructions, whilst all the time learning about shape, 2 and 3 dimensional objects, texture, team-work and role play. They will work together to put their ideas into reality. Giant Polydron XL Set 1 is 4 times the size of Giant Polydron and they fit together perfectly. All the accessories for Giant Polydron: Clip-in Write-on/Wipe off Panels, Mirrors, and Windows and the Giant Cogs can be used with XL Polydron. Contents of the Giant Polydron XL Set 1: 4 x 16 Hole Squares, 4 x 4 Hole Squares and 4 x Equilateral Triangles L x W x H (cm): 41 x 28 x 41 Weight (kg): 4.2

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