Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty



Large tub of Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty packed with hundreds of tiny snow-like and glittery specks which are a stunning visual treat and also provides a fantastic tactile play treat.
Stretch the Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty or squeeze it and roll it between your fingers for a fantastic tactile experience that only putty can deliver.
The texture of the Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty is made even more appealing with the addition of the fluffy Glittery balls spread throughout.

  • Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty with tiny snow-like glittery flecks inside
  • Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty is supplied in giant storage tub
  • You can mould, stretch,and bounce the Giant Glittery Fluffy Putty
  • Assorted colours
  • All of our putty is fully tested, non-toxic and safe

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