GetSetGo with Super Ball Pack Set of 99



This excellent value mega pack contains: 6x Foam Sponge Balls 90mm, 6x Engraving Balls, 12x Sorbo Balls, 12x Play Tennis Balls Mixed Colours, 2x Sensyballs 100mm, 2x Coated Foam Balls 160mm, 1x Softy Football, 1x Softy Rugby Ball, 4x Soft Foam Rugby Balls, 4x Printed Play Balls, 10x Tuftex Shoot Footballs, 4x Porcupine Balls 80mm, 4x Soft Foam Footballs, 3x Foam Skinned Footballs, 1x Foam Movement Ball 200mm, 4x Playballs 210mm, 2x Giant Tennis Balls, 2x Balloon Balls 300mm, 1x Balloon Ball 750mm, 3x Juggling Balls, 2x Puffy Balls, 1x Plastic Barrel Handpump 12", 12x Inflator Needles 3mm and 1x GetSetGo Ball Bag (not shown)This excellent value mega pack contains:6x Foam Sponge Balls 90mm6x Engraving Balls12x Sorbo Balls12x Play Tennis Balls Mixed Colours2x Sensyballs 100mm2x Coated Foam Balls 160mm1x Softy Football1x Softy Rugby Ball4x Soft Foam Rugby Balls4x Printed Play Balls10x Tuftex Shoot Footballs4x Porcupine Balls 80mm4x Soft Foam Footballs3x Foam Skinned Footballs1x Foam Movement Ball 200mm4x Playballs 210mm2x Giant Tennis Balls2x Balloon Balls 300mm1x Balloon Ball 750mm3x Juggling Balls2x Puffy Balls1x Plastic Barrel Handpump 12"12x Inflator Needles 3mm1x GetSetGo Ball Bag (not shown)

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