GetSetGo with Playtime Pack B



GetSetGo with Playtime Pack B contains a wide selection of versatile equipment to enable children to become involved in various playtime situations. Excellent for after school use. Contents may vary. GetSetGo with Playtime Pack B Contains: 8 Cotton Bean Bags 4 Aeroballs 4 Telephone Wire Quoits 4 Frisbees 25cm 1 Soft Foam Die 1 Puffy Ball 6 Perforated Balls 7cm 4 Play Tennis Balls 24 Foam Sponge Balls 7cm 12 Foam Sponge Balls 9cm Yellow 4 Short Tennis Rackets 12 Plastic Skipping Ropes with Handles 4 Hula Hoops 45cm 16 Spacemarkers 1 Junior Chest

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