GetSetGo Mini Ball Pack



The GetSetGo Mini Ball Pack contains a range of balls that will encompass all age ranges and abilities. Contents may vary due to stock availability, but will always be replaced with an item or items of the same value. This is the Mini Ball Pack (Set of 52) Contents - 4 Perforated Balls 7cm, 8 Foam Sponge Balls 7cm, 6 Foam Sponge Balls 9cm, 4 Perforated Balls 9cm, 4 Engraving Balls, 8 Neon Sponge Balls, 4 Sensory Touch Balls, 4 Porcupine Balls 8cm, 4 Porcupine Balls 10cm, 4 Reaction Balls 7cm, 1 Tie Cord Bag

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