Create a colourful bowl of Gelli with our Gelli Play!

Simply add the Gelli Play Powder to your water and watch as the water transforms before your eyes. When the funs done, simply add the sachet of dissolving powder and the Gelli Play disappears as magically as it appeared.

This Gelli Play formula is stain free, non irritant and environmentally safe.  Non-irritant formula.

For sensitive skin, test a small amount on the skin first
Just add water to your Gelli Baff and watch in wonder as the water turns into thick slimy goo!

Each Gelli Play box contains 40g of Gelli Baff (Goo Former) plus the Goo Dissolver needed to ensure it washes away easily.

The brilliantly fun Gelli Play doesn't stain and contains no harmful chemicals - hurray! - In fact, it even cleans and softens the skin!

Gelli Play is designed to stimulate kids imaginations and creativity.

1 x Gelli Play Supplied

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