Gelli Baff - Pink



Simply sprinkle the Gelli Baff onto water to magically make it into thick goo for fantastic messy play. Very much like jelly, the consistency of Gelli Baff varies depending on how much the Gelli Baff powder is diluted. Gelli Baff is ideal for messy play because unlike Jelly, Slime or gloop made with paste or corn flour, when it's time to pack away simply add the dissolving powder and the Gelli Baff goo turns to water. Children will love playing with both the thick Gelli Baff goo and the coloured water (neither of which will stain children or clothing) and exploring the material as it changes between the two. Gelli Baff was developed by a beauty and spa products manufacturer Gelli Baff has been tested meticulously to ensure it completely harmless to children and is much easier to clean up than play alternatives like sand and rice. Gelli Baff can be used to develop motor skills and concentration or used as a therapeutic sensory experience to relax and calm. Gelli Baff offers a tactile touch experience that will ensure your children want to explore. Children can sit in the bath with this or use it in the sink its your choice Take a look at Gelli Baff in action

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