Gelli Baff Classroom Play Pack



Set consists of 3 x 1kg gellibaff buckets – 1 each of blue, green and red. 1kg makes approximately 200 litres of Gellibaff and 4 water trays so you have everything you need to get messy and imaginative. Create blue lagoons, explore green swamps and have a blast in the red volcano! Gellibaff turns water into red goo… and back again! Great sensory play material. Simply fill water table with water, add Gellibaff and watch in amazement as your boring water magically turns into a fun, thick goo. Gellibaff is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water. And there is no need to worry about cleaning up either – when the fun’s all done, simply add the sachet of dissolver powder and the goo disappears as magically as it appeared. The goo reverts back to plain old coloured water so don’t worry about it blocking or clogging the water table, it won’t! The dissolver sachet powder is simply pure table salt, the same as you put on your chips! Completely safe, Gellibaff conforms to strict testing and safety regulations and doesn’t stain your towels, carpets or kids. Features for maximum fun follow the laws of Gellibaff! Not recommended for children under 5 years of age unless supervised by an adult. Don’t put too much water in the water table! For maximum gooiness 1 or 2cm is plenty for an average sized water table. Set consists of 3 x 1kg buckets – 1 each of blue, green and red. 1kg makes approximately 200 litres of Gellibaff.

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