Floor Surfer



The Gonge Floor Surfer is the perfect tool for play as well as targeted training of motor skills. The Floor Surfer has been developed by physiotherapists and will stimulate children at every motor skills level. Children of all developmental abilities will roll, scoot, and glide their way to physical milestones in balance and motor skills! The design of the Floor Surfer is slightly tapered at the front to give increased freedom of movement for arms while narrow sides act as handles where hands are protected from protruding corners. The raised front part on the floor surfer supports the coccyx when the child is sitting and the sternum when the child is lying down on the surfer. Quality wheels with double ball bearings are screened to minimize the risk of running over fingers. The ergonomic shape supports posture muscles around the pelvis and muscles in the back and neck while the Floor Surfers durable EVA foam pads make it comfortable to lie on. Slightly tapered at the front to give increased freedom of movement for arms and the wheels are screened. Size of Floor Surfer: 560mm long.

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