Flashing Caterpillar



A wonderfully tactile toy, the Flashing Caterpillar can be stretched, squished and thrown. It has soft, stretchable 'spikes' all over its body - perfect for feeling. Its antenna's and legs provide a nice, smooth contrast as they have no spikes. Fantastic as a therapy or fidget toy and as an addition to any sensory tool box. Ideal for school and travelling, as it is a quiet toy that flashes when it's bottom is bumped! It can also be attached to a lanyard or on a sensory board through the connection on the back of his head. Ideal for children with Autism / ASDs, ADHD or visual disorders. How this helps your child... Many children and adults need motion to learn as listening is just not enough Blinking Barry the flashing Caterpillar gives your child something to do with their hands So he allows them to focus which enables them to absorb your teaching/ information more productively He will also: Promote a relaxed mindset Improve focus Relieve stress and anxiety Engage the whole brain Address sensory needs Stop your child messing with things they should not be touching. It is better for them to have a Blinking Barry . He is very safe and useful to have around. Available in several bright colours: Pink Green Yellow Purple Multi colour One supplied at random A great fidget and sensory resource for children with Autism , ADHD and other learning difficulties.

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