First play Playball Box



Children will have lots of fun throwing and catching with this great assortment of Playballs.The First play Playball Box comes supplied in storage box with lid making it easy to store away.The First play Playball Box is ideal for developing throwing and catching skillsContains 90 playballs to keep children occupiedFun for all the classWeight 7kg approxWhat is included6 x Urchin balls.6 x Flat balls.6 x 7cm Zoft balls.6 x Pom pom balls.6 x Tennis balls.6 x Number ball scarves.6 x Reaction balls.6 x Spider balls.6 x Fluff balls.6 x Hedgehog balls.6 x Plastic balls.6 x 9cm Zoft balls.18 x Foam balls.

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