First play Mega Maths Pack



The First play Mega Maths Pack is a fun and educational kit that allows Children to learn basic numeracy through play.Simply pick up the First play Mega Maths Pack and take lessons into the playground from the classroom. An interactive class pack of a selection of items that can be used to play a variety of fun games while learning basic numeracy skills.Weight approx 9kg.Contents: 1 x Number Beanbags Set (1-10)1 x Beanbag Flying Disc1 x Number Cone Set (0-9)1 x Symbol Cone Set (5)1 x Number Line1 x Number Circle6 x Rainbow Dice1 x Number & Symbol Spots (14)1 x Number Buddies (0-9)2 x Instruction Cubes1 x Set instruction Cube Cards (30)1 x Storage Bag.

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