First-play Key Stage One Kit



The First-play Key Stage One Kit is a delightful range of over 100 pieces of equipment that will develop skills and understanding through dance and games activities. Bumper pack of quality play equipment Contains something for everyone. Equipment suitable for indoor or outdoor use Weight 19kg Contents: 30 x Marker Cones, 4 x Evasion Belts, 1 x Non sting Volleyball, 2 x Large Pom Pom Ball, 1 x Mini Rainbow Basketball, 1 x Easy Grip Rugby Ball, 2 x Aeroball, 2 x Soffy Football, 4 x 10cm Softtouch Ball, 2 x Flexiball, 12 x TT Bats, 3 x rounders Softtouch Bat, 6 x Beanbags, 2 x Balance Discs, 1 x Foam Rugby Ball, 12 x 70mm Foam Ball, 4 x Eurohoc Sticks, 2 x Hoop Nets, 2 x Paddle Rings, 2 x Start & Finish Lines, 4 x Three Legged Ties, 6 x Marking Spots, 12 x Tennis Balls, 12 x Zoft Balls, 6 x Juggling Scarves, 1 x Colour Katcher, 1 x 20cm Bump Ball, 4 x Catch Cups, 6 x Skipping Ropes, 6 x Cheerleader Pom Poms, 6 x Connecting Hoops, 4 x Playballs, 4 x Tele Quoits, 6 x Dance Wands and 2 x Storage Bags.

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