First-play Deluxe Kit



The First-play Deluxe Kit is a comprehensive range of PE equipment to introduce young children to basic sporting skills ”rolling, stopping, kicking, lifting, throwing, catching, running, jumping and hopping”. Encourages participation and fun between children. Great start up kit. 90 pieces of equipment. Weight 8kg approx. Contents: 4 x Bean bags, 8 x Plastic rackets, 4 x 10cm playballs, 10 x 2.2m skipping ropes, 4 x 7cm Zoft® balls, 4 x 7cm plastic balls, 4 x Hoops, 25 x Spacemarkers, 2 x 16cm playballs, 4 x Quoits, 20 x 7cm foam balls, 1 x 20cm foam dice and 1 x Storage box.

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