First Play Deluxe Bag



The First Play Deluxe Bag selection of fun and colourful play items that will make play more fun. Fun for all the class. Perfect for teaching fundamental skills. Equipment for a variety of games. Contains 105 pieces of equipment. Contents:1 x Parachute, 4 x Skipping Ropes, 6 x french Skipping Ropes, 4 x Beanbags, 4 x Tele-Quiots, 2 x Connecting Hoops, 1 x 10cm Softtouch Ball, 1 x 15cm x Softtouch Ball, 20 x Foam Balls, 4 x Tennis Balls, 4 x Table Tennis Bats, 4 x Mini Rackets, 50 x Spacemarkers and 1 x Storage Bag.

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